World Cup

FIFA World Cup is one among the biggest international tournament across the world. It is a celebration of the sport which unites people from all over the world. As football is played internationally with the national player with one another, it has aided to make peace with varied countries.
This event is a celebration for the football lovers. World Cup as a tournament has increased the excitement among people and has infused the fans with a flavour of its own.
The trophy was initially named as Victory, however later renamed in the honour of the FIFA president Jules Rimet and was created of the gold plated and sterling silver while depicting Nike, who is the Greek goddess of victory. The trophy was introduced in the year 1974 and is made of 18 carat gold using malachite bands on the base.
The trophy depicts two distinct human figures that hold the Earth. France is currently the holder of the trophy as of the last World Cup in the year 2018. The tournament helps to make the football fans unite with one another over the same cause.