Ukraine Flags

The Flag of Ukraine was adopted on January 28, 1992.
The Flag for Ukraine conations two equal horizontal bands of azure/blue (top) and golden yellow. The blue color of the flag symbolizes the sky, mountains and streams of Ukraine. The yellow color represent Ukraine's golden wheat fields and the fertility of the earth. The flag has a height-to-width proportion ratio of 2:3.
The two-official flag colors (blue and yellow) are grounded on the flag of the 12th century Kingdom of GaliciaVolhynia. The two colors on the national flag of Ukraine are present since 1848 when the revolutionaries accomplished to grab power for a brief period. Though this rebellion failed, the flag endured as a potent Ukrainian state symbol. Ukraine again attained independence in 1917, and the old Ukraine flag colors of the insurgents were officially incorporated for the nations flag in 1918 by the West-Ukrainian Peoples Republic and next by the Ukrainian Peoples Republic. This flag too was short-lived, a communist government grab power and accepted a new flag. The old flag was forbidden and was not restored until 1991, although it was on a temporary basis. On January 28, 1992, the Parliament of Ukraine restored the blue-yellow flag.

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