Uganda Flags

The Flag of Uganda adopted on October 9, 1962. The flag designed by Grace Ibingira, Ugandan Minister of Justice.
The flag for Uganda consist six equal horizontal bands of black (top), yellow, red, black, yellow, and red. The flag also comprises a white disc overlaid at the center, which is containing a grey-crowned crane, facing the hoist side of the flag. The black color represent nation's people. The yellow color symbolizes sunshine and venality in Africa. The red color symbolizes African brotherhood. The grey-crowned crane is the national mark of Uganda. This is and known for its gentleness. The flag has a height-to-width proportion ratio of 2:3.
Uganda was administered British colonial powers. In 1894, the Uganda Colony was created, which was consist of land that makes modern Uganda. In 1914 the Ugandan Colony displayed a flag, which contained a British Blue ensign mutilated with the union jack on the canton side of the flag. It also mentioned a disc that overlaid a grey-crowned crane. The first proposed flag got thicker green and blue vertical stripes disjointed by narrow yellow stripes. A silhouette of a yellow crane opposite the hoist side of the flag included in the center. Officially Uganda flag was adopted in 1962.

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