St David's Day

St David's Day is the national Day of  Wales, and is held on 1st March.
St David is the patron saint of Wales. Wales’s flag has a gold cross on a black background.
The flag of St. David is a gold cross on a black background, although there are variations before it. These include the black cross in the goldfield and the edges attached to the cross.
The occasion has been used as an alternative to the official flag of Wales. It is a flag for the patron saint of Wales and resembles the arms of St. David's diocese in Pembrokeshire. Indeed, it was most likely blown up on March 1, St. David's Day.
The origin of the St David flag is uncertain, although it gained prominence in the early 20th century. It is likely to live longer, and some claim it is from the seventh century.
The flag of St. David was adopted in 1888 as the College Ring of the University of Wales, Lampeter. It also represented the 38th Welsh Division in World War II. Since 2002, the flag has been part of the Cardiff City Football Club logo. It has a gold cross on black with a bluebird in the middle.

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