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The flag of Spain is nicknamed la Rojigualda 
    Government officers are expected to hoist the flag 24/7
    If the flags are raised among other flags then they must be of equal proportions with the rest of the banners and must be raised in an honourable position. 
    In the coat of arms, the castle represents the royal family of Castille, while the lion represents the kingdom of Leon. Additionally, the linked chain represents the kingdom of Navarre, while the pomegranate fruit symbolizes the Moorish kingdom of Granda, Moreover, the altering four red and five yellow stripes represent the royal family of Aragon. All these are badges of the former Spanish empire. Lastly, the Pillars of Hercules represent Gibraltar and Ceuta which are the most beautiful spaces in Spain. 

    The civil Flag of Spain can be used without a coat of arms 
    During times of grief, the flag is flown at half-mast and a black ribbon is attached to the flag. 
    Spanish Flag etiquette is relatively strict. The flag should not appear, torn, soiled, or damaged.
    The present color of the flag is associated with Antonio Valdes Fernandez. He drew up 12 different options for a distinctive flag following the order of Charles third in 1785. 

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