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The colours of the South African flag characterise the African National Congress, the Union Jack, and the Boer Republics. The green "Y" shape 90 degrees left symbolizes the coming together of earlier hostile groups.
The strips are blue and orange, the same as the old flag. The added colours are the same as African National Congress's flag. They are composed of three equal horizontal stripes: black, green, and yellow. Therefore critics argue that the new flag is a combination of the two flags. Apart from the strips' colours (blue and orange instead of green and red), the color of the second fimbriation (green instead of black), and the lack of a coat in the triangle, the upgraded
South African flag is similar to Vanuatu's one.
Colours and their representation
    Red is a symbol of bloodshed
    Blue is a symbol of open blue skies
    Green is a symbol of the land
    Black is the symbol of the black people
    White is the symbol of the European people
    Yellow is the symbol of the natural resources
    The Y is the symbol of the merging nationalities 

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