Russia Flags

The Flag of Russia was adopted on August 22, 1991.
The Flag for Russia has three equal horizontal bands of blue, red and white. The blue color represent the honesty and faithfulness. The red color represent the courage and the love of the Russian people. The white color represent the nobility and frankness of the Russian citizens. The flag mention a width-to-length ratio of 2:3.
Several flags have flown in Russian history. The banner of Ivan the terrible was oldest, whose rule was 1547 to 1584. The banner later used by Tsarina Sophia Alekseevna and Peter. Another military banner was used in Russia's belonged to Dmitry Pozharsky. During the rule of Peter the Great, the flag of Moscow's Tsar first raised on a ship. The flag had three colors blue, red, and white. The colors chosen were of great importance. The red present the Russian citizens, the blue represent the Russian monarch, and the white symbolizes God. The colors in the flag has a significant source of motivation for the Pan-Slavic colors. The tricolor flag used on Russian ships and in 1883 was officially accepted for land use. The modern-day Russian flag is modified from the old flag primarily in the extents of the stripes.

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