Celebrate Pride in your town or city with one of our brightly coloured Rainbow flags.
Gay pride is a parade that is a celebration of the sexual freedom and is a positive stand made against the violence and discrimination towards the gay, bisexual, lesbian and transgender (LGBT) community. This is an act of promoting their dignity, self-affirmation, equality rights, build community, celebrate sexual diversity, increase the visibility as a social group along with gender variance.
Pride has lent the name to the LGBT themed organizations, book titles, institutes, periodicals, foundations, Pride Library and a cable TV station. Gay pride events are usually held during the LGBT pride month and some Other period which commemorates the turning point of the LGBT history in a specific country.
This modern movement has benefitted a wide array of gays, lesbians and Other members of the community. Everything has become legalized which has worked towards making life a lot more equitable and in tune with people of every orientation.
The most common symbol of this pride is the pride flag or the rainbow. June month was chosen as the Pride Month to celebrate and commemorate Stonewall riots that occurred in the year 1969. This is why most of the pide events take place during this month all around the world.

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