The Golden Age if Piracy is gone by in 1720, though the pirates have captured the strong imagination of the public even till now. Nothing ever has captured the attention of people more than that of the most famous Flags in existence, Jolly Roger. There are various pirate symbols which convey distinct meanings. Some of the symbols and meanings are as following:

Red Pirate Flag Warning sign of giving no mercy
Bones and Skull Death
Nude Pirate No shame of pirates
Weapons Incoming Fight
Horned Skeleton Satan
Clothes Pirate Pirate Captain
Symbol portraying hourglass Time is running out
Edward Low Torment followed by eventual death
Bleeding heart Pain slow death waits
Drinking Glass been lifted Raising a toast to Satan or to dying

Pirates were prevalent around the 1650 when Flags of different symbols as mentioned above were presented to convey a message. These Flags were implemented to announce to anyone when seen that the ship crew were pirates and only when they surrendered, they would be given mercy. A vessel could be seen from long instances and pirates would fly a nation coloured flag that would give them easy access to another vessel after which they would raise their own.

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