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Oceania Consists of 14 Countries and many more small islands.  From Australia to Vanuatu.  We have them all here!
All Flags in this section are. 100% Polyester Flag, 5ft x 3ft (Approx 1500mm x 900mm), 2 Brass Eyelets for flying & hanging, Double Stitched hem to Provide Strength, Suitable for indoor or light outdoor use
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Oceania is typically a region that is centred on the islands of tropical Pacific Ocean; however variations of the limit of Oceania do exist. Oceania comprises of a number of islands in tropical Pacific Ocean. This is further divided into three distinct sub-regions of Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia. The term Oceania is used for denoting a continent comprising of Australia along with nearby islands.
Melanesia refers to black islands that includes Solomon Islands and Fiji. Polynesia on the Other Hand refers to many islands, and includes Samoa and Tonga. This term was initially coined by Conrad Malte-Brun in the year 1812. It was beneficial to describe territory which stretched from Strait of Malacca near to Indonesia to American coast. The area extends to Rupa Nui Island, Sumatra, Bonin Island, Macquarie Island and the Hawaiian Islands.
Oceania has found Australia to be the biggest nation. Among the Other two dominant landmasses include Papua New Guinea and New Zealand. This region is made of thousand islands that are separated into three distinct island groups namely low islands, high islands and continental islands.
The nations comprise of varying degrees of independence from the colonial powers. They have also negotiated a wide array of constitutional arrangements to help suit the circumstances.

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