Netherlands Flags

The Netherlands flag was adopted on February 19, 1937. It is horizontal tricolor of blue red, and white and its dimensions have a width-to-length ratio of 2:3. The fesses are equal in size, and use the following exact colors: the red stripe is formally bright vermillion; the white stripe is officially labeled as silver; and the blue stripe is defined as cobalt blue.
The flag for Netherlands had profound impact on the outlook of flags in other countries. For example, the Russian flag have been influenced by the Netherlands flag, and in turn impacted the Slavic countries such as Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Slovakia, and Yugoslavia.
In 1572, William Prince of Orange led the Dutch against Spain. It was the struggle for freedom, and he followed respective colors: blue, orange and white. While at Leiden is 1574, the soldiers' dresses bore these colors as well. At the time, the state flag earned the called as The Princes Flag, because it was made in his grace. William is recognize within the Netherlands as the Father of the Fatherland. However, t in the 17th century the orange color was swapped with red.

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