Mozambique Flags

The flag for Mozambique was adopted in May 1983. The flag is a horizontal tricolor of three stripes: green (top), black (middle), and yellow (bottom). These stripes are disconnected by thin white stripes. A red isosceles triangle is pointed on the hoist side of the flag, it contains a yellow colored five-pointed star. This star display an AK-47 rifle with a bayonet crossed with a hoe. They are on the book of an open book. The Mozambique flag has a height to length proportion of 2:3.
The colors and symbols displayed on flag of Mozambique have noteworthy meaning. The green color displays Mozambiques natural wealth, white present peace, while black present the continent of Africa. The red and yellow colors in the triangle present the independence struggle and mineral wealth of the state. The star is a representation of Marxism and internationalism, while the book signifies the importance of education. The rifle is a represents vigilance and defense. The hoe signifies the position of agriculture in Mozambique.
The design of Mozambique flag is grounded on a flag used by the Mozambican Liberation Front (FRELIMO). It is one of the states leading political parties. The FRELIMO flag was alike in appearance, but lacked the emblem elements in Mozambique's current national flag. This flag was flown briefly after the country become independent from Portugal. Later, another flag was adapted, which had diagonals of four different colors black, red, yellow and green) originating from the upper corner of the flags hoist side. The star, book, hoe, and rifle were existent inside a white cogwheel that seemed towards the upper hoist-side corner of the flag. In 1983, another outlook change occurred. They included horizontal stripes and an enlarged star. The white cogwheel was removed in the design of Mozambiques present national flag.