Macedonia Flags

Flag for Macedonia was adopted on October 5, 1995. The national flag of Macedonia has a red field. A stylized yellow sun is designed in the center of the field. Eight expansion yellow rays spread out from the sun in all directions and end at the edges of the flag.
Red, one of the colors incorporated in the flag. It is one of the old-style colors of Slavic Macedonia. Red and yellow/gold also shares the nations heritage. The stylized sun in the flag represents the new sun of Liberty. It is mentioned in the states national anthem and also in the Coat of Arms. The national flag of Macedonia has a height to length proportion of 1:2
The countrys flag present a red field with a star in the canton when Macedonia was a part of Yugoslavia The star had red with yellow borders. For a short time, the Macedonian flag portrayed the Vergina Sun. It was one of the signs used in the grave sites of ancient Kings of Macedon. Though, Greece strongly contradict the adaption of Macedonia flag as Greece considered the Vergina Sun to be a Greek symbol. Greece also imposed an economic blockade to force Macedonia to change the outlook of its flag.
Finally, the current design was adopted in 1995 where the Vergina Sun was swapped with a stylized sun. This change in the flags outlook was not initially putative by the conservative citizens of Macedonia. For some years, the old and the new flags are also used in the country. In some shares of the country, the old flag was putative. Today, the new flag is used throughout the nation.