Italy Flags

The flag of Italy is one the states most recognized national symbols. The flag has best-known designs of any national flag in the world. It is encompassed of a vertical tri-band of three colors, a design that earns the flag its nickname, the "tricolor." Italy presented the tricolor as its national flag on June 1946. It was on January 1st, 1948 that the flag was adopted. The displaying and use of the flag is specified in the law of Italy.
The history of the Tricolor goes back to the 18th Century when a group of students in the then papal state of Bologna assembled against the oppressive Catholic government. The style of the distinctive three colors incorporated in the design of the flag for Italy of the Cispadane Republic in 1797. The tricolor later be adopted as the Italy flag in 185. This version closely look like the current state flag. The only differentiating element was the coat of arms of Savoy positioned in the middle of the flag. Before the declaration of the present flag of Italy, the country practiced the RSI flag as its national flag. Also known as the flag of the Republic of Salo. The flag was undistinguishable to the countrys national flag. However, the civil pennant had the image of an eagle charged on the middle white stripe.

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