Hungary Flags

Flag for Hungry was adopted on May 23, 1957.
It consists of three horizontal bands of white, red and green colors from the top to bottom. The present tricolor acted as a symbol of national sovereignty during the campaigns against the Habsburgs from 1848 to 1849. The rebellion in Hungary was condensed and the Austrian Emperor announced the tricolor illegal. However, the tricolor declared legal and the Hungry flag after the 1867 Compromised. At that time, the design of flag of hungry was different as it also featured of the Kossuth coat of arms.
Following Habsburg Empire end in 1918, the time between 1918 and 1920 was problematic on the nation and some variations were made. Perhaps the major change was pragmatic during the short-lived Hungarian Soviet Republic. It is used a banner of solid red. This republic lasted for only four-and-a-half months. Until 1945, the tricolor design with the minor arms used although the version without the minor arms was also in use. Minor alterations were made to the flag between 1946 and 1949 as well as 1949 when it was substituted by a red star. However, all of this altered in 1957 during the Stalinist restoration that saw the hungry flag change to the current tricolor without the coat of arms.

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