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The German flag has long history until it was finally adopted as a national flag introduced in 1949. 
The colour scheme of gold, black and red took from the Weimar Era. 
As the western occupation zones enthused to unity in the 1940s. It became clear that the governmental entity which would adopt the black-red-gold of the Weimar Republic.  The
flag of Germany was officially introduced as the National Flag on 9 May 1949.
It was two weeks before the Federal Republic incepted.
The official national name of the flag of Germ navy is Bundesflagge (federal flag). This name is mainly used by the administration or in very national announcements.  Most Germans call the flag Deutschlandfahne (Germany flag).
Colours of the Flag
Gold, black, red is traditionally associated with "liberal" nationalism in Germany. It is not associated with republicanism. It was initially adopted by the Frankfurt Parliament in 1848 to declare a united German Empire.
The black-red-golden tricolor flag was used at least three times in the timeline of Germany. It was adopted in 1848 and abolished in 1852. It was again readopted on August 11th, 1919, and abolished on March 12th, 1933. It was finally adopted as the modern German flag on 8 May 1949. It was used by the German Democratic Republic until 1959. However, they had added to it a coat of arms from 1959 to 1989, when the Germanys were reunited.

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