Eurovision Song Contest is often known as Eurovision refers to an annual international song competition that comprises of participants who represents the European countries primarily. Each and every Country that participates need to submit an original song which is performed on the radio and live television.
This is followed by casting votes for Other varied countries in order to have a winner. 50 countries are completely eligible to compete as of the year 2018. Since the year 2015, Australia is declared a guest entrant. Eurovision was inaugurated in the year 1956 and since then it is broadcasting each year. This makes it the longest running programmes in television. Additionally, it is also one of the most watched events in the non-sporting sector.
With an audience figure of 100 to 600 million all over the world, it boasts one of the largest viewership. It is also broadcast in several countries which do not compete. These include Canada, United States, China and New Zealand. It is also broadcasted online through the Eurovision website.
Although the format of the show has changed through the years, its basic tenets remain the same. The programme is successfully hosted from the auditorium of the host city.

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