Day Of Prayer

The 2021 Event will be held in Vanuatu.

The Women's world Day of prayer is a movement of Christian women recognized globally. Women in more than 170 countries come together on first Friday in the month of March and join in action, justice and prayer. This significant Day brings all women of varied cultures, ethnicity, races and churches in understanding and fellowship.
The very first Day of the prayer service was held in South Africa in March 1930. A national committee was established in the year 1946 in South Africa. The members of this committee are nominated by varied church leadership. South Africa witnesses one of the best participation in the entire world.
The need for devoted interest and prayer revealed uncounTable Christians in the Country on this memorable Day of World Day of Prayer. The nation office is situated in South Africa which distributes programs to Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Botswana and Namibia. This Day is celebrated with a participation of more than lakh women.
This Day commemorates a symbol which was developed by Ireland women and then adopted in 1982 as the international logo. It is designed in shape of arrows converging from four distinct points of the compass, the Celtic cross, persons kneeling in prayer and the circle, representing the world and its diversity.