Commonwealth Games

Originally the members of the Common-wealth of Nations were the UnitedKingdom and its self-governing Dominions.The term "British Commonwealth" beganto be used after World War I. In 1949 thename was changed to the Commonwealthand in 1965 the Commonwealth Secretariatin London was established. A total of 54independent countries from all parts of theworld belong to the Commonwealth.The flag displays the letter "C" (as thefirst letter of "Commonwealth") which encircles a central globe, denoting theglobal scope of the organization. Thenumber of lines forming the letter "C"does not correspond to the number of member-states.
Commonwealth games refer to international event involving multiple sports. This event was fist held in the year 1930 while has taken place once every four years since then. This was previously known as British Empire Games from the year 1930 to 1950 and has changes various names since then. It is the first multi sport event that inducted equal number of men and women medal events. It has recently been implemented in 2019 Commonwealth Games.
Commonwealth sport hosts fifty-three countries and they span over Africa, the Americas, Asia, Pacific, Europe and are also diverse. These are among the worlds smallest, richest, largest and the poorest countries. About thirty-one of the members have been classified as being Small states. These are countries having a population size of about 1.5 million people or even less along with larger states which share the similar characteristics.
Leaders of the member countries shape the Commonwealth priorities and policies. They meet every two years in order to discuss issues that affect the commonwealth along with the wider world at the Head. All of these members have an equal say, irrespective of the economic statue and size. This ensures that all member countries, irrespective of their size have an equal say in shaping the event.

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