Cameroon Flags

The Flag of Cameroon was adopted on May 20th, 1975. The design of the flag represented the French Tricolor. The National Flag of Cameroon is a vertical tricolor and present three equal vertical bands of green, red, and yellow. A yellow five-pointed star is centered in red band.
Cameroon was eventually a European (German) colony. They had a horizontal tricolor flag presenting black, white, and red bands. However, centered on the white band was a red shield bearing the similarity of an elephants head. However, after WWI, Germany lost its claim over the colony of Cameroon and France and Great Britain, took Cameroon from Germany. The state was divided into two mandates: French Cameroon and British Cameroons.
In 1957, French Cameroon took a vertical tricolor flag, copied from Tricolor French Flag and comprised of green, red, and yellow bands. This flag for Cameron was retained after Cameroon gained liberty from France in January 1960. In 1961, the Federal Republic of Cameroon was proven and adopted a new flag presenting the original tricolor of French Cameroon and two gold stars on the green bands canton. The present flag was accepted in 1975 after the federal government was swapped by a unitary government, with the only alteration being that the two stars were replaced by a single yellow star. It was centered on the red band.

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