2021 Calendar of Events

1st New Years Day
6th Mardi Gras
25th Burns Night
26th Australia Day
1st 6 Nations Rugby
5th Chinese New Year
14th Valentines Day
23rd Shropshire Day
1st St David's Day
2nd Carnival Rio de Janeiro
5th St Pirans Day, World Day of Prayer
8th East Anglia Day
11th Commonwealth Day
17th St Patrick's Day
20th County Durham Day
25th Greek Independence Day
29th Yorkshire West Riding Day
13th Sikh Vaisakhi
16th Orkney Day
21st Queens Birthday, Easter
23rd St George's Day
25th Huntingdonshire Day
1st Staffordshire Day
8th VE Day
11th Somerset Day
16th Middlesex Day
18th Eurovision Song Contest
23rd Monaco Grand Prix
25th Wessex Day
26th Kent Day
30th Cricket World Cup
1st Dorset Day, Pembrokeshire Day
4th St. Petrocs Day
5th Wiltshire Day
6th D Day 75th Anniversary
11th Euro 2021
16th Sussex Day
21st Shetland Day, Suffolk Day
22nd Mercia Day
26th Glastonbury Festival
29th Armed Forces Day
1st Canada Day, Wimbledon Championship
4th Independence Day
14th Bastille Day, Black Country Day
23rd Historic Counties Flag Day, Olympic Games
27th Norfolk Day
29th Buckinghamshire Day
1st Yorkshire Day
5th Northumberland Day
10th Cowes Week
15th VJ Day
22nd Yorkshire North Riding Day
23rd Reading Festival
24th Yorkshire East Riding Day
31st Northumbria Day
3rd Merchant Navy Day
10th Gibraltar Day
16th Owain Glyndwr DayMexican Independence Day
20th Rugby World Cup
22nd Derbyshire Day
23rd Bi Pride Day
24th Cumberland Day
25th Monmouthshire Day
29th Westmorland Day
1st Lincolnshire Day
19th Oxfordshire Day
24th United Nations Day
25th Northamptonshire Day
26th Essex Day
31st Halloween
1st Vegan Day
5th Bonfire Night
11th Remembrance Day
20th St Edmunds Day
27th Lancashire Day
28th Caernarfonshire Day, Thanksgiving Day, Bedfordshire Day
20th St Andrews Day
25th Christmas Day
31st New Years Eve