Austria Flags

The Austrian flag is a rectangular triband red and white colors. The three equal horizontal bands put red at the top and bottom with a white in the center. A modified flag that was used as the national flag, pennant and war flag has the Coat of Arms of Austria charged in the middle. The red color of the flag is associated with open-mindedness, love, war, and supremacy. The white color symbolizes honesty and truth. Austria Flag has a height to length proportion of 2:3The story goes back with early rulers of Austria wore a white tunic in battle one day, and the battle was intensively bloody that the entire tunic was full of blood strain by the end of the fighting. When he took belt off the part of the tunic secure by the belt was still white. However,
Zeljko Heimer, 18 March 2002 quoted the story as;
The origin of the Austrian colors concerns the Battle of Ptolemais (Acre) in 1191. Duke Leopold V was supposedly granted these arms by King Henry VI, based on the battle-bloodied tunic of the duke, which had remained white only where covered by his wide belt. Losing his standard during the fray, Leopold supposedly raised his tunic as a rallying point, and the design was subsequently made official."

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