Algeria Flags

Algeria Flag was legitimately adapted on July 3, 1962.
Algeria Flag features two equal vertical bands of green (hoist side) and white. A red, five-pointed star within a red crescent is positioned in center over the boundary of the two colors. The green color is presentation of Islam. The red color present freedom and the blood to attain liberty against French in the struggle for independence. The white color symbolizes the purity and peace that was achieved after independence. The crescent and the star are traditional symbols of Islam. The flag for Algeria has a width-to-length proportion ratio of 2:3.
The Algerian flag dates dated back to the 11th century. Each Dynasty had a flag that passed to the successive generations, and the Zayyanid Dynasty adapted a blue flag with a white crescent. When Ottoman Empire ruled Algeria in 1525, the flag changed to red with a yellow crescent in the center. While under Ottoman rule, Algeria unified remained 1830, when the French attacked and outshone the Ottomans and presented their blue, white, and red flag as the national flag of the Algerian territory. When the fight for independence was at its peak, the exiled Algeria government adopted a green and white flag, but the white band was superior and covered 75% of the flag rather than 50%. This design was enthused by the flag used by Emir Abdel Kadir during the 1920s to signify those who opposed French rule. This version of the Algerian flag was used until 1962 when Algeria announced as an independent state and approved the current flag.