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African Country Flags are known for their colourful designs. Usually featuring a combination of Red, Green & Yellow. From Algeria to Zimbabwe. Weve got the flag of all 54 African Sovereign States.
All Flags in this section are. 100% Polyester Flag, 5ft x 3ft (Approx 1500mm x 900mm), 2 Brass Eyelets for flying & hanging, Double Stitched hem to Provide Strength, Suitable for indoor or light outdoor use
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African countries are known for their bright and colourful Flags.  Here is a brief insight into some of the most interesting ones
The green colour in the flag represents Islam, the white shows purity and the red crescent and star are symbols of Islam
The colour red represents blood shed during the conflict for independence and black represents Africa.  The tools in the centre of the flag symbolise the hard working people of the country.
The black and white in this flag represents the majority and the minority of this countries population and the blue symbolizes sky and water.
Burkina Faso
Green colour is said to show hope for the future.  Red for revolution and the gold star is an image for the revolution towards a brighter future.
The gold star in the centre of this flag is said to be an image of unity.  The Green stands for the lush green land of the South, the Red is emblematic of unity and the yellow stands for the soil in the North of the country.
Cape Verde
The colours in this flag are said to represent the sky (blue), peace (white) and the efforts of the people (red).  The ring of stars stand for the unity of the country.
In this flag we find three colours, they are said to be emblematic of the rivers, sand and sacrifice and blood.
The flag of this North African Country consists of a red, white and black horizontal tricolour with the eagle of Saladin standing in the centre.
The horizontal tricolour consists of the colours green, yellow and red with the countries national emblem taking the central position.  The green is said to be for fertility, the yellow is for justice and the red shows sacrifice and bravery.
Ivory Coast
This flag is similar to the French flag, made up of orange (the spirit of national development), white (the sky) and green (the countries national resources)
The flag of this East African Country is emblematic of the people (black), the struggle for independence (red) and agriculture (green).  The shield in the centre is a symbol of their efforts to defend their freedom.
This simple flag is made up of two colours.  Green is representative of the fertile land of the Country and the white is for peace.
The blue colour of this flag is said to be influenced by the United Nations flag.  The white 5 pointed star is for the five countries where many Somalis live throughout the world.
This Southern African countries flag is predominantly green which stands for the abundance of natural resources.  The flying eagle is an image of freedom.

African Flags, and Flags, for the most part, are not simply negligible bits of fabric materials with colours and patterns on them. They are the personality of each country. They additionally represent many aspects of the nations history and characteristics. After some time, a few nations felt the need to make a few changes in their national Flags.
The colours and patterns of numerous national Flags convey social, political, and provincial implications and goals. Most African Flags bear an outline, colour or depiction of the battle for freedom and liberty.
African Patriotism
Flags of African countries are regarded deeply. A disregard made on the national flag is a slight on the whole nation and the people whose blood earned these nations the independence and autonomy they appreciate.
That is the reason they are saluted and shown at organizations and amid a few national and global events.
African nations take their Flags very seriously. If the Flags are worn and torn, there is a way to dispose off them. In fact, there is a well-ordered guide on the most proficient method to discard them.
Some Rules to Follow:
The flag must be respected at all times by everyone and should not:
Touch the floor or ground.
Be used as a tablecloth or be draped over objects.
Be used to cover a statue or any item at ceremonies,
Be used to start or finish tournaments.
When the South African flag is displayed vertically up against a wall or on a rope, the red horizontal band should be to the left of the viewers with the cord seam placed up.
When the National Flag is displayed amongst Other Flags, it must be raised up first and lowered down last. Even when the flag is displayed with Flags of Other countries, all of them should be of the same size and raised at the same height.

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